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In addition to oredring directly from Raye Records, you may also order the material from any of the following locations:

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1.  Fill out the form with the required fields and the items and quantities you would like to receive.  Manually calculate your totals and enter them in the Sub Total, Total, S&H and Grand Total columns.
     Print the completed page.  Send the form and payment to: Raye Records, 163 Galleon Ln. Cudjoe Key, FL  33042-4228.   OR
2.  Fill out the form and select submit.  We will respond to your order with an e-mail confirmation and payment method.  OR
3.  Calculate your total and go to PayPal (click on PayPal button) and transfer funds as stated in the instructions.  We will confirm your order by e-mail.
After we receive the order we will e-mail you with a confirmation and information shipping and payment.  At this time, Raye Records only accepts personal checks, cashiers checks or money orders.  Payment can also be made to PayPal, by transferring the funds to: strychnine@juno.com.

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Type Title Qty    Price Sub Total
CD 1   x 12.99
CD 2   x 12.99

Total Qty


Total Merchandise


S&H Items 1-3


Additonal S&H ($5.00 for ea 3 items)


Grand Total

Shipping & Handling is $5.00 up to 3  items, except boxed sets - $7.50 per set
To use PayPal, just lick on the "PayPal" button.  Log in and transfer funds to stryxnine@juno.com.